Well it must be said that this new release certainly ruffled a few feathers before having to hibernate briefly before returning in a new form.
The brief hiatus merely adding to the anticipation, whilst in the mean time we decided to get creative with this iconic image which was an original
computer-generated illustration of eighty successive periods of pulses produced at the Arecibo Radio Observatory in Puerto Rico in the late 1960s after it was
first discovered. Later appearing in several scientific articles and encyclopedias where it gained more attention and became more famous. We decided a play on
the original vision was an interesting way to go about things. So here we present three versions of one t-shirt. We think the results are pretty special.
We've got a
Black tee with eye catching Shiny Silver Foil ink, a Navy tee with amazing White 3D raised ink and a Yellow tee with Matt Black ink for that industrial
vibe of decades past.
Professionally screenprinted in Manchester, woven label to left sleeve, free button badge. Size Guide.
Disclaimer : The image used here is in the public domain and from encylopedia and historical magazines, therefor it is our understanding and indeed we have checked to certify as it
went to print there is no rights held over the image and it can be reproduced. Please let it be noted no connection to any other in name form is used. Any links to anyone or anything are
purely coincidental. This tee celebrates the original pulsar  recording of sound as a vision.