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Happy Mondays Bummed, Jimi Hendrix Electric Ladyland, Captain
Trout Mask Replica, Velvet Underground Andy Warhol,
Johnny Cash
Folsom Prison, David Bowie Low, Mothers of invention
Weasels Ripped My Flesh, Aphex Twin Come to Daddy, Beatles
Abbey Road, The Clash London Calling, Roxy Music Country Life,  
Joy Division Uknown Pleasures, The The Soul Mining, Frank Zappa
The Man from Utopia, Scorpions Lovedrive, Rolling Stones Their
Satanic Majesties Request
, Madness One Step Beyond, Led
Houses of The Holy, Chemical Brothers Push the Button,
Rage Against the Machine
Rage Against the Machine
We did a collaboration with Cult Classic Prints - makers of fine Canvas Prints. With their
co-operation we created three brand new pieces of artwork to release as highly limited
edition prints.
Please note the prints are now all
sold out.
From WIWP 'NOW SHOWING' - A collection from a bunch of  creative artists of a
re-imagining of film posters.
The Lost Art of the Film Poster.
Featuring their takes of classics and lesser known gems.
Recently updated with new additions. A great collection that hopefully will continue to
grown and be an ongoing, growing collection.

To the right is a slideshow of a selection of the works including new entry's for
The Man With Two Brains and Midnight Cowboy

BELOW - Our own 'quick take' on some classics
Dead Mans Shoes, Meantime, The Firm and Get Carter

Dead Mans Shoes is rather self explanatory, going with a simple image.
The Firm is inspired by a certain cult 'Good Cop' film from the 70s, while we did our own take on
Mike Leigh's classic bleak tale Meantime, Ken Loach classic KES, Rita Sue and Bob too and
everyone's fave 'kids' film The Goonies, featuring the Oregan (Astoria) coastline as seen in the film.
The Art of the title sequence takes an in depth look at the opening 'credits' to movies. From graphics and illustrations and how on a fair number of occasions -  what
follows at times fails to live up to the 'opening sequence'.
Rather than a generic studio photo of Tom Cruise or Seth Rogen with forced,
Hollywood smiles like you'd see on a monthly copy of Empire.
The likes of
Little White Lies do their own thing, with cool, quirky unique
covers, backed up by a decent read too with top notch content, a breath of
fresh air and in keeping with the whole ethos of art in film and the film poster
as an art form itself.
Nearly a decade ago, I bought the then brand new and now what is sadly
HOTDOG magazine, I ended up with every issue which I still have.
Their first issue had the
Taxi Driver poster as a cover, how cool is that? it
leaped out of the shelf in Smiths, stick your boring run of the mill magazines
with your airbrushed a-listers.They weren't for me, this was.
After 83 months of reading the best film magazine, I guess not enough people shared my feelings and they weren't buying it, as a result it came to an untimely and abrupt
end without any warning when the final curtain was pulled in Christmas 2006. Luckily a few months earlier a new magazine had arrived.
Little White Lies was very
similar, even better! This time a fantastic sketch of Bill Murray as Steve Zissou was winking out on the shelves of borders. I'd not heard about it but there it was. The
power of ARTWORK on the cover alone made me
need to purchase it. Something they've stuck with too, with a range of excellent covers, highlights being the This is
England and Let The Right One in ones for me, but all are great.  I hope they do stick with it! It sets them apart from the others, it's like a rebel, non-conformist and inside,
the content doesn't let you down either. It's definitely the best film magazine out there. Long may it continue! Lets hope more and more people read it, it deserves it.
Browsing Flickr recently we stumbled across these cracking photo's of
Manchester at night.
'Round Our Way' is a great set of some familar locations caught with great
The posters of the Paris 1968 uprising comprise some of the most brilliant graphic works ever
to have been associated with a social movement. Politics aside, from a design standpoint they
are second to none. The artworks were not superfluous decorations meant to beautify office
walls -instead they took center stage on the streets in provoking awareness and action.
Amazingly enough, the posters were all anonymous creations, the result of collaborations
between idealistic students and striking workers. To this day not a single artist has been
credited for the provocative artworks.
Super Subbuteo Photography
Unique Film Poster Artist.
Joe Magee Artist often seen in media and film
Independent Artist ran facility making Art affordable.
Clever and witty modern art using vintage vinyl
The Little People et al
Excellent Quirky Modern Artist.
Superb individual Artist
Some of the greatest Artwork I've ever seen!
NOT a movie poster shows the posters that the suits
decided NOT to choose and (cliche or not) they are often better
than the official chosen ones. Enjoy viewing posters that until
now you'd never be able to.
Kirk Demarais' crazy Family Portraits. Featuring The
Griswold's, the Torrences and Navin Johnson's
adopted family!
For less than the price of a pint you can purchase some snazzy casualco
art - comes proffesionally made on high quality 200 gsm card.
Comes with envelope so you can send them to someone you like's
birthday or special occasion or frame and mount them up yourself.
Exceptional Quality
as seen below.
here to go to our page and view or buy cards, film, music, cult, casual.
Please Note - if ordering for a specific date, please allow up to 14 days for
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A look at some of the coolest film posters ever produced, from the 60's to the present day, as you'll see quirky
artwork and clever photography is what we like and it never goes out of style either. Be it striking sixties artwork
from 1962's
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner and Point Blank from 1967, to controversial 1970's
Britain with
Straw Dogs and A Clockwork Orange. Eye catching simplicity such as An American Werewolf in
and The Godfather, to out and out pain stakingly life like portraits like Indania Jones, Taxi Driver and
guilty pleasures of the 80's
Vacation and Police Academy. Plus some great European takes - High Plains
and hard hitting French movie Irreversible 2002. Mouse over for more images and bigger versions.
Ben Lamb is a very talented
illustrator and designer based in
After studying fine art at university, he
worked as an editor in animation for
3 years before deciding to pick his
pencils back up and start drawing
again. He shares very similar tastes
to us in films and popular culture in
Old, new, modernist, guerilla. To shock, to please. controversial, commercial! Propaganda, used as a voice, used to
silence or as a call.
' Art' takes many different forms.
Art is the biggest tool in advertising or promoting something from every side of the fence, an illustration, graphic or even a
piece of text is used to get a point across.
Here we appreciate all forms and attempt to pay a nod and a wink to a selection of people we feel are doing it well.
Some of the best independent film poster sites :
Film posters, Video boxes - the old way, the way they should be!
The greatest showdowns in film history - amazing stuff
Scott Campbell
The Dude Designs aka Tom Hodge, is a poster designer and illustrator who's aim is
to bring back the artwork from the film poster and video covers of yesteryear. Recently
he did the splendid job of the Hobo with a Shotgun poster and his style is excellently
retro reminding a lot of us of our youth, trying to rent Commando or Dawn of The Dead
from the local video shop cum off licence aged 10!
Peter O'Toole (no not that one, this one) is a
freelance  Yorkshire based illustrator. We first
commissioned some artwork as a
collaboration but were so happy we had some
more done and then some more again! Well
it's easier to say we love his style and collage
work that he's now on board as our regular
Connoisseur collaborator.
A co editor of
Dirtcheap magazine, you may
have also seen his work for NME, Addict,
Activision, Microsoft and The Rig Out.
Graphic Desginer Section 76 has been onboard for some years now as a regular collaborator
with our tee designs and also lots of other artwork and graphics, including the excellent clothes
tags,  His smooth graphics have been superb in bringing us the likes of Connoisseur Man, The
famous Subb Dresser and of course a fantastic take on both cult filmsThe Wanderers and The
Warriors logos.
Minty is the latest on board. His joining the good ship connoisseur came
about in a different way - our first creative competition whereby we offered a
chance to design a tee. Minty's won. His Serpico themed design hit the right
notes with the added quirk. Minty's style is different, in this modern
computer age, he's happy at home using the very original way of creating art
with paint and a brush!
Artyom Chernov and Mila Mijanovich of  Moscow first
joined the connoisseur brigade with a splendid design
based around the famous image of The Beatles
crossing Abbey Road. Featuring a mountaineer, a
beatle, a dresser, Bjorn Borg and Alex Delarge as their
droog and leader (which is re-released in 2012)
Our Russian comrades have done us tee no.2 with a
fantastic revolutionary themed tee.
As we progress as a brand, collaborations is an area we have moved into. For a while we've enlisted the help of regular
cohort Section76. He has brought us some great tees already over the years as well as producing artwork for our
merchandise. We have also brought on board as a regular collaborator, the highly talented illustrator Peter O'Toole, who we
have secured an ongoing working relationship with! We aim to work with established folk and up and comers too, with each
illustrator's own style as different as the next one. We've commissioned a rather cool tee of Mr Osti himself, not to mention a
great print from the in demand Ben Lamb, we've recently had our second tee by talented Russian duo Artyom Chernov and
Mila Mijanovic. Matt Craven came on baord to being us the fabulous Bexy V Yeti and we regularly work with our Swedish
brothers Our Culture who we have thus far done a tee and a sterling bucket hat with. We've progressed further too as we seek
to cement more collaborations with some of our fave brands, in order to realise and release more items of clothing, teaming
up with tuktuk to release a range of limited produced shirts, we've got a colloboration booked in with a famous worldwide
brand and continue to look at new and exciting options as we go....
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Illustrator and sculptor Matt Craven joined us to bring us the sublime Bexy V Yeti
tee in 2012. He's working on something else for us too and who knows maybe
even a sculpture/figure down the line...
Our Culture  What is a continuous friendship with our
Scandinavian brethren, we have so far colloborated with
the Protectors of the North tee, the superb Naess
hunting hat and most recently a stirling set of pins.
Our Culture are a fine set of lads who since first meeting
several years ago we have become great friends with
the same styles and tastes a solid bond is formed from
one north to the next!
Whilst doing our 'chicks in kicks' stuff we decided it would
only be right and proper to bring on board a female
illustrator and so we did, we've been a fan of Jennifer
Saul's stuff for a while and were thrilled when she
wanted to be a part of it too.
Working with our pal Peter O'Toole the original conception was to illustrate a handful of different people from the same
background in their 'Saturday best' if you like, giving us indivdual portraits that go towards a big collection under the banner
This Thing Of Ours". People loved it and the requests just kept on coming, thus far there's probably upwards of 40
commissions, there's a print available as well as a series of t-shirts on the way. The works were recently showcased in a
special gallery all the way over in Moscow, Russia via Les Coffe
Shop with the help of Faces & Laces, Freizeit, Furfur,
Sneakerhead and Adidas Originals! A continual work in progress...
Andy Watt is another on board as a Connoisseur collaborator.
His unique and distorted caricatures offer a very different kind
of illustration. His work is regularly seen in the likes of The
Guardian and The Observer.
We've always had a loyal following in Russia and the love is very much mutual! As well as working with Artyom above we've stepped it up somewhat recently with the
coming together with the latest member of team Connoisseur. Danja, an avid collector and all round cool cat whom we met on the internet and then shortly after in
person is our international connection. As well as working with us on photo shoots and tee designs done with Peter, she has co-designed new pins and helps make
connections in Russia smoother,  to create genuine Russian illustrations, two of which we've sorted with the Outskirts and Drei Streifen Madness movements for new
tees. Along with new friends and Danja it's hopefully a long term work in progress.  )))
As touched on above, the internet does make the world a smaller and
more accessible place. And with that we met the Berlin Groundet.
Some guys who like a beer as much as us, in fact more!!
After a trip over there it was decided we need to work together and as
well as a release of some fucking cool shoppers the CC x BG tee is
landing. This friendship also sees the advantage of hot German girls
in our gear and as much pfefi as you can stomach! Happy Days and
there's more to come!