The Casual Connoisseur 2011
Assassination USA, now for some great 60s political propaganda artwork by famed illustrator Jack Kirby
who's better known works included
DC and Marvel comics, this was taken from a little known underground
hip magazine from the 60s and 70's called '
It', much in the same vain as the perhaps more famous Oz
. This was from a piece by Claudia Dreifus of the New York Times on the corruption and
conspiracy of a dark time in American history, as political assassinations became as American as Apple
Pie. In a time when John and Robert Kennedy were murdered, followed by Malcolm X, Martin Luther King
amongst major national figures.
There's an interesting story to where this came from too, found in storage for over thirty years.
It's a real striking image with an over sized print featuring smoking handguns, tweed jackets and cigs. It
looks great on a white tee for summer, the cotton tee makes up the assassins clobber, set off by a vivid red
print with contrasting yellowed faces. We just think it looks cool as fuck!
Available on White heavyweight cotton t-shirt, professionally screenprinted, woven logo to left sleeve,  free
button badge.
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