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SKI HAT with Fold Over Cuff,
Double Layered with
Pom Pom Made in England.
One Size fit's all.
Limited Edition - Only 100 Made.
Each hat comes with randomly chosen card
of authenticity.
Grey, Orange and Brown
Brown, Moss and Olive
Disclaimer. We decided to name The Connoisseur Bobble hat the 'Weir' after The little known (south of the border) Scottish broadcaster and all round rambler
Tom Weir because we love his choice of titfer. This is purely a homage and a little nod to him and in doing so have brought the attention of him and the great outdoors
to a new audience. The Casual Connoisseur wishes to statr that we are in no way linked or affiliated with Tom Weir or any publications in any official capacity whatsoever.